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If you don't need this value in your code, everything is fine. If you need it, you won't be able to write your code. If there is a special case which must be handled and must never be implicitly ignored, an exception should be thrown. This warning indicates the caller doesn't check a function's return value for failure.

C ignore return value

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In effect, in enables C/C++ programs to be ported to pure-Java environments Function return values are also passed via registers, using the v0/v1 register pair. (I'm ignoring some special cases here, which can be handled with compiler  This project is about manual memory management in C. The are several reasons for Traditionally, C programs use malloc() and free() to reserve and return memory. Calling retain() and release() on NULL is supported and should simply be ignored. Use a small scalar value for your reference count. Usually there are not too many functions the value of which you want to ignore. Splint, for example, allows to add a special comment that would let it know, that a return value of a specific function might be ignored. Unfortunately, this in effect disables all 'ignored returned value' warning related to that particular function.

appendChild(iframe); } else { setTimeout(addFrame, 5); } } return ! { json = JSON.parse(; } else { json =; } } catch (ignore) {} var payload = json.

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For example: One lists 5 free C-Code checker. Sparse; Splint; Uno  This diagnostic is classified as: MISRA-C-17.7; MISRA-CPP-0.1.7  он дал мне предупреждение ignoring return value of 'int scanf(const char*, . &t); printf(%d, t); return 0; } Я скомпилировал приведенный выше код C,  Intern has a side effect, ignoring its return value is still suspicious as it is the only reference ensured to point to the intern pool.

C ignore return value

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