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Learn more! Checkmate Door Stops & Holders | RIXSON The #1 Series concealed overhead door stop and holder is designed for high traffic, heavy abuse installations. Learn more about this product. 1 Series Concealed Overhead Door Stop and Closer | … RIXSON offers concealed mount checkmate stops and holders with heavy-duty, standard-duty, adjustable and low-profile models available. Request a quote!

Rixson overhead stop

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Product Information. Standard Duty Surface Overhead Stop Rixson® Overhead Stops and Holders are used to protect both doors and entire entryways from damage caused by violent openings due to wind gusts, heavy traffic frequency, abuse, and vandalism. By limiting the door travel, they can prevent damage to the door frame, closer, hinges, and pivots. The heavy shock absorbing spring provides 5º to 7º compression before reaching a dead-stop. see pivot template. For use with Rixson Pivot Model 180 Series.

Best Suited For Heavy Duty Surface And Stop For High Traffic Interior And Exterior Doors. Door Opening Size: Butts Offset Pivots: 33-1/16 - 38.

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Adds years to life of door. Promo “LOCKS” save 3%. Learn how to install a Rixson Model 91 Overhead Concealed Closer with this instructional video. Rixson overhead concealed closers are an alternative to floor Door Stops and Holders 5.

Rixson overhead stop

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Product Description & Features • Multi Function – adaptable as hold open and/or stops • Adjustable • Interior doors Description.

Concealed Mount Overhead Door Closer | RIXSON RIXSON overhead concealed door closers are a great alternative to floor closers. Learn more about these products. RIXSON Specialty Door Controls offers customized solutions for challenging design requirments. It is the leading North American provider of concealed closers, pivots and mechanical/electromechanical door holders. Known for reliability and solutions in design, RIXSON's products … Rixson checkmate 6-336 630 Concealed Mount Overhead Stop. Best Suited For Heavy Duty Concealed Low Profile Stop For Interior And Exterior Doors.
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Rixson overhead stop

see rixson price book for specific details of the limited Checkmate Overhead Stops and Holders are used to extend the life of the door, frame and any door closing devices. They may be necessary if there are strong winds, high traffic or abuse. Rixson 1-326 Series with concealed mount overhead stops and holders are used to protect door assemblies.

Add 5/8" to "A" dimension for dead stop.
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They cut down the wear and tear of frequency, closing mechanisms, wind gusts, abuse and vandalism.